Q: Can Smile Sparks be adhered to anything other than natural teeth?
A: No, Smile Sparks dental bond will only adhere to natural teeth.

Q: Will the dental bond cause damage to tooth enamel?
A: No, Smile Sparks utilizes the same bond as dental professionals.

Q: How many teeth will one kit typically coat with dental bond?
A: 3-5 teeth.

Q: How long will glue stay usable once opened?
A: If sealed well, glue will last up to 90 days after initial use.

Q: How long will the crystal(s) stay adhered to the tooth?
A: Typically crystals will last three days up to two weeks, depending on care. Eating hard foods or ice may dislodge your crystal. Acidic foods will also weaken bond.

Q: How do I remove my Smile Spark?
A: Your Smile Spark can easily be removed using dental floss. Place dental floss against the side of the crystal and work back and forth pulling down until dislodged. Remaining dental bond will naturally wear off. Do not use any solid object to attempt removal as injury could occur.

Q: May I continue my dental hygiene regimen?
A: Yes. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is important to prevent gum disease and cavities. Regular brushing should not affect the gem.

Q: Are tooth gems irritating to the wearer?
A: Whenever we put anything new in our mouth it naturally takes time to adjust to the feeling; anyone who has had dentures or dental braces will be aware of this.  Tooth gems are no different and in the first few days the new addition to your mouth may feel slightly strange. However, after these initial days your mouth will soon adjust and you will forget that the gem is even there until you look in the mirror.

Q: What happens if I swallow a Smile Spark?
A: The gems are very small and if you were to swallow one it is unlikely it would cause you any problems. The gem will most likely pass through your system quietly with no symptoms.

Q: What is the return policy for Smile Sparks?
A: Please refer to our return policy link on our main page.

Q: How can I share my Smile Sparks photos?
A: You can post them on the Smile Sparks Facebook page

Q: Where do I find instructions on assembling the UV lamp?
A: Please read your included instruction carefully, the light must be assembled as described.

Q: What is the Smile Sparks shipping policy?
A: Please refer to our shipping policy on our main page.